My First Big Job – pt. 4

By Ashton Byrum, MFA
After the tremendous response to the Broadway Survey series, I’m excited to continue documenting and demystifying various pathways to success for Musical Theatre talents by introducing the new series,”My First Big Job.” With the help of friends and former students in the business, I interviewed actors working at a new level for the first time. While this does include Broadway gigs, I also explored regional theatre & summer stock jobs – as well as Cruise Ships, Internship/Apprentice positions and everything in between. I hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks to learn about what happened at the auditions and how the actors booked the work.


Alyson Snyder is currently working as a Principal Singer on Oceania Cruises for Norwegian Creative Studios.

alyson-snyder  Alyson Snyder

1. What show are you doing – and what is your job in the show? Features? Covers?   I’m doing 4 main cruise ship production shows: LOOK OF LOVE, LIGHTS CAMERA MUSIC, WORLD BEAT, and THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT. Along with other cabarets and misc. short acts that are untitled. My title is Production Singer. I am one of 4 singers in a 12-person cast.

2. Can you describe the audition?

A representative of Norwegian Creative Studios attended my college senior showcase in NYC. Emailed me 2 weeks later asking for a callback video, and later a dance video. The callback process was 100% video submission and I technically never had an initial audition.

Where was it? First seen by representative in NYC. Callbacks via videos on youtube

3. What did you prepare (if you don’t mind sharing)? What did you wear?

In my showcase (which served as an initial appointment) I sang “Hold On” from Secret Garden & “Don’t Think” from Concrete Jungle. Showcase: strappy heels, dark green funky pants, and a white shirt. For my callback, per request from the casting directors, I wore tight, form-fitting clothing: black leggings, light blue crop top, and tan LaDuca’s.

4. How many callbacks did you have? 1 singing callback & 1 dance callback

What did you do?  I had to sing 3 cuts of songs from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: “It’s Raining Men”, “Shake Your Groove Thing”, & “I Will Survive.” For a requested dance video, I complied some various recordings that I already had and created a short dance/movement reel.

Anything unusual?  Other than wearing tight clothing and making sure my full body was in the frame for the videos, things were pretty standard.

Did you book this job on the “first try” – or have you been considered for this show/theatre in the past?I did book this job on the first try.

  1. Where did you get your training? Do you have an agent?

Wright State University – BFA in Acting with Emphasis in Musical Theatre. No agent.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about this job?

My favorite thing(s) about this job are that I am indeed employed in my field right out of college. I feel lucky to be working in the industry already. Thankfully this is a long contract; within the first year after graduation, I will have been employed for 11 months. This is a very well-paying job. I get to travel the world and get paid for what I love to do.




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